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Here are some of our GPX navigation routes for Tonga, Fiji, Fiji Lau Group and Vanuatu that can be downloaded.

They were created when Takapu 2 was cruising these regions. No GPS offset was ever used but please use them as a guide only. Only travel when the sun is high so that you can see clearly into the water.


Fiji Lau Group

Tonga Vava'u


Import Routes from Early Nobeltec or CmapECS Navigation apps and export to GPX files.

This app will try and import Route waypoints from an early Nobeltec or CmapECS chart plotter, navigation application and convert (export) it to a GPX file that OpenCPN can read.
Other applications that read GPX files may also be able to be used but OpenCPN is the only one I have tried.
Hope this is of help to fellow cruisers.
We have found OpenCPN a great application to use and now all our old routes around the Pacific are able to be used again with better applications.

Safe cruising.
Bill Leckie

Convert to GPX Convert to GPX